Entrefund Gives Business Grants of between Shs.5,000 and Shs.50,000
to Eligible Small Business Owners in Kenya


One of the greatest challenges small business owners in Kenya face is lack of capital. Unfavorable lending conditions and high interest rates make it difficult to raise capital, especially for those with no collateral. This lack of capital prevents enterprising small business owners from realizing their dreams of building thriving and profitable businesses. Entrefund is seeking to change this narrative.


We believe that the only way to build a thriving economy is by helping small business owners succeed. This can only happen if they have access to affordable capital. Entrefund gives business grants to bridge this gap. Our vision is to spur economic growth and impact lives by providing impactful funding to small business owners in Kenya.


Founded in 2017, Entrefund is a response to the need for alternative funding methods for small businesses in Africa. Founded on the principle that the only way for small businesses to succeed is if they have access to capital, Entrefund works towards empowering these entrepreneurs to succeed. Launched in Kenya as an initial pilot project to support local small business owners, Entrefund will be rolling out to other African countries over the next five years.


Entrefund is funded through the generous support of our partner organizations. From these partners, Entrefund receives funds that are channeled directly to small business owners in the form of grants. By channeling funds this way, Entrefund and its partners are able to see a greater impact of donated funds on the local economy as the money goes directly to financing small business owners at the grassroots level.

How to Get a Business Grant

Entrefund business grants do not attract any interest and do not require repayment.
To apply for a grant, follow the following steps:

Submit Your Application

Complete the online application form with all details requested and submit it.

Application Review

Next, your application will be reviewed by an unbiased professional review panel.

Grant Awarded

If your application is successful, you will receive a business grant of up to Shs.50,000.

How to Apply

To apply for a business grant click the button below, complete the grant application form with your details and submit. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application.

Please note you are required to pay a grant application fee of Shs.100 (Why?)
Applications submitted without payment will be automatically disqualified.

Payment Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Entrefund?

Entrefund is a social impact empowerment organization that supports local entrepreneurs and small business owners through business grants.

What is a business grant?

A business grant is an amount of money given that does not require repayment. Individuals who receive the business grant need not worry about interest or monthly repayments.

How much does Entrefund give in grants?

Entrefund gives between Shs.5,000 and Shs.50,000 to successful applicants. The final amount given varies based on applicant needs and review panel recommendations.

Who can apply for a grant?

We encourage anyone over the age of 18 who has a small business or a business idea to apply.

What do you looking for in an application?

We look for highly-motivated small business owners with small businesses that have the potential to grow and impact the society through job creation, service provision, among other impact areas.

Does everyone who applies get a business grant?

All applications are reviewed to establish whether the applicant qualifies and how much they qualify for. Only applications that pass the review process receive a grant.

If my application is successful, how will I get the grant money?

Recipients receive the grant either through M-PESA or a cheque depending on the grant amount. Please note grant recipients are responsible for any taxes, fees, and other costs associated with receiving the grant.

I am not a Kenyan citizen. Can I still apply?

Although we plan to expand to other African nations, the initiative is currently only open to Kenyan citizens.


Kenya Office

Nairobi, KE

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4th Floor Bishop Magua Center
Ngong Road, Nairobi, Kenya



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